Regular Chakra Meditation is changing my life with Positive Effects

I am overwhelmed with the positive effects of meditation I have experienced in the last couple of weeks. It was very late I came across the importance of  chakra meditation and its benefits. Truly, meditation was my last hope to overcome various emotional problems such as stress, anxiety, depression and anger. Due to these problems, I had high blood pressure and was potential chances of getting heart diseases. However, just like, I hoped and wanted, there have been few changes in my emotional and physical health condition. The major problems I had prior to practicing meditation were frequent severe headache and restlessness.

With regular meditation practice twice, a day for a couple of weeks has reduced my stress level and depression. I wanted to document the potential gains I gain from meditation to share with few of my friends living with similar problems as mine. Since mediation was, my last chance, I believed in meditation very much. I started to note down my blood pressure levels every day. In the beginning with the first couple of days, the levels were fluctuating down and high and vice –versa. But, from the second week onwards the pressure level have been becoming quite normal. I consulted my physician yesterday and showed him the changes in the pressure level. This was the first time in years I began to see few improvements in my health condition without medicines.

I seldom get headache nowadays and they are not as severe as it was earlier. Nowadays, I am also able to concentrate on my work quite easily without feeling much stressed. I believe this is due to the extra hours of sleep I get at night nowadays. I have been getting good sleep in the last couple of days even though I wake up in between. I feel positive energy in me and an increase in confidence.

I am quite happy to see and experience the positive effects of meditation in life. I have now decided to continue meditation for my entire life. Even though I feel better than before now, my blood pressure level has to become normal and I need to have control over my emotional problems. I believe there are more benefits that I can get with meditation practice. I am not in fear of getting any heart diseases anymore, not in this life. Now I have shared my experience with few of my friends with similar problems and they are learning about meditation now.

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